Our Strategy

At Fast Track we are about building, developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships through word-of-mouth and strong customer ties. Our expertise in developing customizable campaigns that can suit any industry have made us versatile and expandable, regardless of the market. Here is what we can do for you:
Marketing Events
Brand Exposure, Place and Time?
Want your brand to get more customers? Do you want professional representation? We can make that happen with our incomparable Marketing Events, just tell us where and when, we will take care of the rest.
In-Store Promotions
Retail Partnerships Made Simple.
We have built a reputation for ourselves, as such, we have partnered with top-level retailers nationwide. We are able to portray any product to qualified consumers in an appropriate environment. No hassle.
Campaign Development
Brand Awareness at its Finest
We are able to target customers in a way that your brand can get the most positive recognition possible. By utilizing professional strategies that can boost customer experience we are able to raise awareness for your brand or cause.
Pop-Up Events
Mobile Location, Dynamic Team
We don’t have to settle in one place if you don’t want us to. We can setup events where foot traffic is available to increase your chances of being noticed. Our team of brand ambassadors can take care of the rest!
Direct Sales
Not Your Standard Sales Process
We represent your brand without the hassle of bad brand representation. We ensure 100% return on investment, as a proof that we live by what we preach. Our team is confident in their ability to deliver real results.
Promotional Marketing
Product Testing Made Easy
We can create various budget scenarios, showing businesses how much a campaign costs, and what the potential return on investment will be. All the data provided comes from months of research and testing.
  • Telecom
    Cable, Internet, Phone, you get the idea!

    Currently working with 4-Fortune 100 telecommunications companies, we provide our customers with an incomparable access to quality choice.

  • Charity
    Give back to the world!

    We help not-for-profit organizations with their campaigns and awareness. Working from planting trees, to helping pandas, to doctors in ships, we help them all!

  • Energy
    Energy representation, greener planet.

    We are proud to work with brands whose commitment to provide cleaner sources of energy for everyone is paramount. Our goal is to make that accessible and reach everyone.

  • Food & Beverage
    Who said food can't be marketed?

    Helping brands get closer to their target consumer is our priority. Imagine being able to get your groceries delivered to your doorsteps. It is possible, and we can tell you how.

  • Tech
    Technological advancements, human touch.

    With the never-ending advancements of technology, there is one element that never goes out of style: human touch. We help tech companies connect with people–in a human way!

  • Lifestyle
    What is your customer excited about?

    We understand consumers and the passions that inspire them. And we help our clients become part of the lifestyle, to connect with consumers in authentic and lasting ways.

What does Customer
Lifetime Value mean?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) means the length a customer remains with a brand. This metric can change depending on several factors: customer experience, customer service quality, and churn percentages. Our main emphasis is in the improvement of CLV. The best the experience, the better the CLV. With that in mind, we aim to help your brand maintain the existing consumer base whilst getting new customers for you.

Meet the brands
we do this for.

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