Strength in
our talent

At Fast Track, we achieve excellence in our marketing campaigns by recruiting brilliant talent in marketing and sales. Innovation and efficacy are the main principles upon which our campaigns are founded. We promote these values with every employee, from entry-level to management staff. We work via a peer-to-peer approach that combines fresh ideas with the knowledge of seasoned professionals. Our dynamism allows our team to stay at the forefront of the marketing industry. Our team evaluates local and global market trends to establish projections for future growth, and develop plans to maximize future gains. Our model provides a consistent and scalable technique that allows us to adapt easily to meet market demand. We encourage a fast-paced office atmosphere in which team members are recognized for their efforts and contributions.

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Our straight-forward
development steps

Whether starting out in an entry level position, or as a management trainee, people all retain information much more readily when they have an emotional reaction to it. That’s why great trainers are so highly valued because they are skilled at delivering information in a way that excites, inspires, motivates and engages their audiences.

Fast Track follows an explain, show, practice process. Explain is what is learnt in theory training. Show is when the coach or trainer shows them exactly how to do something and practice is when the new team member does the action with the coach watching to assist, train and provide feedback. This is huge in building confidence and key skills.

Practice makes perfect. Our team continuously aim to apply the skills they’ve learnt during their hands-on training. Our team member are never thrown in the water by themselves. We provide a one-on-one coaching approach that allows a proper application of the communication skills obtained during theory training.

Current Openings

Customer Experience Specialist
Making Customers Feel Welcome
Do you have a calling into making customers feel welcome. Are you excited about customer satisfaction and quality service?
Sales Associate
Get Customers What They Need
Are you excited about sales? Is your expertise in communication and customer interaction? Are you interested in pursuing a career in sales?
Marketing Specialist
Customer & Client Satisfaction
Do you see yourself pursuing a career in the PR/Marketing Field? Are you excited about client experience and customer satisfaction?
Brand Ambassador
Create Brand Awareness
Our team of Brand Ambassadors host events, trade shows, and pop-up shops across the SA area to bring brand awareness for our clients.
Management Trainee
Learn the tricks of the trade
If you’re looking to start a career in management, then working as a management trainee will get you involved in all aspects of our business.
Marketing Internship
Obtain Marketing Experience
As an intern you’ll be the face of our client as you explain our client’s products and services in a friendly and enthusiastic manner.